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City harmony: just ask the people

In Victoria, a new Metropolitan Strategy is quietly under development.  Inside government departments, committed bureaucrats are working steadily away to understand the lessons to be learnt from previous strategies such as Melbourne 2030 and its update, Melbourne @ 5 Million.

But at some point, the internal work will need to be wrapped up, the government’s direction made clear and the grand task of public engagement rolled out. read more

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Living in a ‘four seasons in one day’ city

There is a change that occurs in Melbourne’s mood around Easter time.  The Easter weekend, whilst an important holiday for many, also symbolises the changing in seasons and Melbourne’s shift from beach, beer and cricket, to scarves, red wine and AFL.

For me, it’s the first weekend I allow myself the luxury of turning on my heating system. read more

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We owe it to Melbourne to make our city work

Melbourne has all of the trademark qualities of a livable city, with the title to prove it.  Melbourne is a strong city, a vibrant city, a city to call home.

Our population is growing, a fact that we are all aware of.  It’s safe to say that Melbourne will absorb a lot of Victoria’s population growth.  And as we grow in number, we need to figure out how to protect and enhance Melbourne’s trademark qualities.

read more

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