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Peer into the future with the Our Nation app

Mar 28, 2012    |

A key component of the Make My City Work campaign is the Our Nation app, designed by the Allen Consulting Group, which presents scenarios of Australia’s future.

The Our Nation app is the missing chapters of Treasury’s Intergenerational Report.

We all know Australia is growing.  But what are the country’s hard and soft infrastructure requirements?  How do opportunities for the nation’s 41 major cities and towns differ?  What are the fiscal implications arising from different population scenarios?

You can’t have a discussion about Australia’s future without exploring these issues.  That’s what Our Nation does for the first time.

The Our Nation app, based on Treasury data, indicates Australia will grow by around 6.2 million people by 2030 (assuming annual net migration of around 180,000).

Clearly Australians will need more community services and the infrastructure to deliver them.

Put another way, by 2030 we need:

  • more homes – 2.7 million
  • more childcare places – 104 thousand
  • more retirement living places – 125 thousand
  • more aged care places – 133 thousand
  • more class rooms – 29 thousand
  • more hospital beds – 24 thousand
  • more office space – 23 million square metres
  • more retail space – 13 million square metres.”

We also need to provide capacity to deliver another 505 gigalitres of water, 122 thousand terajoules of energy and the road network for a further 64 billion kilometres of passenger vehicle travel each year.

There are smart and dumb approaches to managing this growth.  That’s why we’re calling all levels of government to come together, to plan ahead, and to make our cities work.

I encourage you to try out the Our Nation app, and to see what your city will need in the future.

Peter Verwer

CEO – Property Council of Australia

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